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Sunset by picasowannabe Sunset :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0 Watchtower by picasowannabe Watchtower :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0 Window by picasowannabe Window :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0 Dublin City Spetrum by picasowannabe Dublin City Spetrum :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 1 1
Silent Thanks
Silent Thanks
I had the most incredible feeling today. I was walking down the hall to my bedroom, and and as i walked past the light switch i turned it off. I turned off the only light that lit the hallway, and all of a sudden i was floating. The only part of me that that sensed  were my feet on the soft carpet, and in that second I was free. So i hung onto the feeling, i stood alone in the darkness, and i don't know how long i stood there before i took a step but it felt like a lifetime. The air was still, the night was silent and all i could feel was a thousand course fibers pressing against my skin. The as i walking i felt complete and total weightlessness, as though the only thing that bound me to my bond and this place was my mind. The racing thoughts and the explosive emotions that were burning the reason from my senses. I reached out to touch the wall only inches from me, but my arm extended into infinity with out any sign of obstruction. I inhaled deeply but made not
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Sweet Lullaby
Sweet Lullaby
Sunday morning's bitter rain
Is beating on the pane,
Goose bumps rush across my skin
As your warm breath caresses my neck.
The soft touch of your finger tip sets me on fire.
You curl up cosily in my arms
Or lie awake, upon my chest
And smile contentedly to yourself
While my mind races,
embracing my ecstasy.
I close my eyes and fill my head
With all times that I've made you laugh
And slowly rock myself to sleep.
Your laughter, My lullaby.
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 1 2
Heroin Love
Heroin Love
When I'm alone I'm a shell of a man
I'm the tired the lonely the scared and depressed.
I feel lifeless and empty,
Entrapped by my pain
As it closes around me like white naked ribs.
My rest, my companion, my courage, my joy
You are my heart, and my laughter, my soul.
Break through those white ribs
And course through my veins
My drug.
My Love.
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 2
The Eye of the Beholder
The Eye of the Beholder
The soft tones of your skin,
So smooth and pure,
As it catches the dim fire light
And shadows run wild across your face.
They dance and play accenting your deep brown eyes
Where not even the shadows can hide.
It is there that I have fallen in love,
In your eyes is where I am free.
In your eyes I find my only peace.
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 1 5
Consumed by Winter Streets
Cold, cracked concrete slab
A mirror of time's frail face
Deface me cruel hag.
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0
Shared Angel
The autumn pool of golden beauty,
Upon your face of broken glass,
Contorted by how you see the world,
Distorted by your loathsome pain.
Mimicking the evening mist
You stalk your prey with Satan's lust
Craving blood to fill the void
The hole in your now blackened heart.
While deep within your icy depths
You hide the truth which spawns your pain.
The portrait of her innocence
Her fragile beauty you have lost.
Her eyes which made you golden,
Her lips that made you deep,
Her touch, as soft and pure as silk
Betrayed your love and shattered you.
So now you sit alone at night,
And feed upon intense regret.
I've watched you through the looking glass
For I too have known a seraph,
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 3
A second stretched across the sky,
And wrapped around the that world I knew,
Full of mist and shapely clouds,
Feeding my deafening confusion.
A swamp of deadly locusts buzzing,
Fill my raging bilious gut.
Searching my soul for aged wisdom,
Or inspiration's youthful face,
Instead I find my own dark demon
My ignorance makes me Hebe's poor slave.
Taking fortune by the reigns
I stumble fast to find the words
The constant beat of butterflies wings,
And then you walk right by.
26 November 2003
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 3
Night Street 2 by picasowannabe Night Street 2 :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0 Me Night by picasowannabe Me Night :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0 Night Road by picasowannabe Night Road :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 0
A Leaf
It fell to day from far above
And landed softly at my feet,
Its fragile beauty radiating
With its aura of autumn gold.
I sat alone in silent respite
Lost in a world of wandering words.
To spite its own fragility
The leaf was armed with crimson blades.
Its face betrayed its deep intent,
While flushed with golden it drew me in,
To prick my soul and leave my bleeding,
Drinking my blood through its golden veins.
So at my feet it sat content
I witched it as it sailed away
On the breath of autumn, mocking me,
And brandishing its golden edge.
:iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 2
Sutton Skyline by picasowannabe Sutton Skyline :iconpicasowannabe:picasowannabe 0 4

Random Favourites

A Question of Gravity
Is it important that unimportant things are said?
The words we don\'t mean make a sound worse than silence
Imply a man who lives by less than bread alone
Signify violence
Shatter the peace
When the living ape the dead
What heart not made from stone
Can keep from breaking?
Wrapped up in empty speech
What tongue, what ear
But cries out for release?
I know the poignant sense of absence
The mourning of dead space
That follows in the wake of wasted words
I have ached with it
Coiled my mind round it tight
Tried to expel it, before it starved me from inside
But I have known, too, gravity
That force aroused by weight
That gives us true words, and as they\'re spoken
Draws them back and holds them close
Gravity, letting light things be light
And heavy things be heavy
Gravity, letting what can be given be given
Retaining what must be retained
Gravity, the Law of the Center
My center, and yours
And the Center that draws us together
Gravity, upholding all who acknowledge its claim
Reaching out into
:iconpaulscha:paulscha 1 6
drink---for it is my blood by deadloser13 drink---for it is my blood :icondeadloser13:deadloser13 6 8
Mortals - Nearly Done
I understand the emptiness of love lost,
Although I have myself not known the cost,
I understand it\'s like you\'ve lost an arm,
To live away from loves\' sweet charm.
Whether \'twas to the Shadowlovers\' fee,
Or simply because they wanted to be free.
I willingly comfort those who suffer;
Those who have lost their lover,
But not for them, my pity’s reserved,
For others it is better deserved.
For those to whom love is unknown,
For those who have always felt alone.
For those who have spent the long night hours
Trembling as the lonely winters leaf cowers.
Those in abject fear of five little words
Flitting round their heads like mocking birds:
“....What if I’m always alone?”
“....What if I never have some one of my own?”
Waking in the early hours of dawn
Their neck muscles tight and drawn
Drenched in sweat and fears,
In trembling nerves and tears.
Stammering out half-hopeful prayers
To ward off the shadows of nightmares,
The echoes of dark dreams
:iconerinightwind:erinightwind 1 1
Just Another Story
I remember when I first saw that person that walks to school alone. Like she never meet a single person in here life. I never thought about it really but, I wonder what she's like?
It was a fairly cool autumn morning when I awoke in my bed. The usual routine of getting a shower, dressed and out the door was soon to come. I don't eat breakfast, I am not a morning person. Nobody is ever home in the morning its usually just me and the dogs. I leave at around 25 after to get to school in plenty of time. I run across, or rather see this girl about a block away from my house, the school being only 5 blocks in the same direction. Her hair is short, black and fits around her face perfectly, with bright green eyes and pale skin . I thought she was very pretty. Of course I thought she was pretty, I didn't know her well enough to see the faults she had just like the rest of us. I myself am not what you could call attractive, I have been told I have a rather unique look. Which means I am nice t
:iconcasperk:casperk 1 3
The dirty pig lay in its own filth
Decaying on a silver table
Its entrails
Are exposed
And I am standing
With the knife in hand
We are
In grime
The room is
The pig is
And I don't
I shove the pig
To the floor
And turn the knife
On the people
Who don't see the pig
Don't see my mess
And don't
:iconinfracta:infracta 3 8
12 O Clock
12 O' Clock
The sun filtered in through the window
But all you saw was the note on the table.
I'm sorry that I have to leave you.
All the angels opened their arms
Unfolded their wings
All the devils averted their eyes
Held their tongues
That day the clock didn't chime.
You followed my footprints in the dust
The air still settling from when I'd passed
But you knew before you saw
It was too late to say "Good bye."
The thumping on the other side
Of the closet door, shut tight
You knew what it was before you
Opened it slowly and saw my feet
Dangling limply beneath the rafters.
Maybe you'll regret never
Opening the note I'd written you.
The paper is just now crumbling to ashes
The fireplace is just now dying down
And the tears are gone
And life goes on.
:iconalllightisgone:alllightisgone 1 3
When the 2 a.m. lights just won't burn out
and your mind ticks with the clock.
Layin' there hoping time will turn out
and make these daydreams stop.
In actions untaken
you'll find you resolution.
'cause its just unsleepable.
And dreams unfaded
will haze with the sunrise.
'cause its all so unsleepable.
Chasing bedlamp shadows across the sheets
leaves paths for the mind to wander.
But in those pasts you'll find no peace.
As that lies under the covers.
And if in dreams long missed
you find some resolve.
Then advise my feet
in what path to take.
'cause I'll find it
far too unsleepable.
:iconsupul-sinac:supul-sinac 2 10
Midnight Dragon by reeks Midnight Dragon :iconreeks:reeks 6,480 1,272 Terragen - Cliffs Of Belfalas by tigaer Terragen - Cliffs Of Belfalas :icontigaer:tigaer 101 104
Burning for Sweet Silence
Burning for Sweet Silence
Here we are in this space
Continuum beyond sound...
Called silence,
Shed the violence,
No more can innocence die trying
To fight for what can never be won...
When again will we see the golden sun?
Our blood is on the ground now.
Stains the soil,
Stains our hearts a darker shade of red.
We turn a deadly shade of blue
In the shadow of revenge,
So much despise we construe.
Oh how the sight brings tears to
The eyes of a child,
Who knows not why these men and women
Have died fighting;
Who knows not why the last time
She saw her father, he was crying.
A yearning for a world in peace tugs
On the strings that hold our hearts together.
A burning to live in a sweet silence,
In the absence of fear,
Where the blood of another does not penetrate our own wounds,
Where love, not hate lives on forever.
:iconlowra:lowra 1 11
Her kissed her eyes,
Her eyes of paint,
Changing colors,
Transforming colors
That drip into his soul
And capture his heart.
He embraced her and held her close.
When she thinks she is hollow,
His blood will run through her...
He is warm inside her...
Such a marvelous warmth in days of cold,
On this earth of old. last in eachother.
And she touched him and could not let go,
For fear she would miss a moment of his breath.
And her hands knew the way to happiness.
Her hands could not miss a touch.
Depletion...decreasing the existence of another.
And with every waking moment,
Every aching thought,
She remembers how it feels to forget
Existence beyond their own essences in love.
And any distance is too far if he can not touch her,
Kiss her lips,
Watch her eyes drip her soul into him.
Completion...never complete without the other.
:iconlowra:lowra 2 11



David Mullaney
Current Residence: Dublin, Ireland
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Swing and Big Band
Favourite style of art: abstract
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Wallpaper of choice: Anything colourful or abstract
Favourite cartoon character: The Leprichaun on the Lucky Charms Box
Personal Quote: You are hearing me talk


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